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Advanced payment (Rent)

This is very common payment method for foreiners in Seoul
It is needed to pay for the total monthly rent for one to three years. Landload is responsible for maintenance. Utilities are paid by the lessee. Pre-paid rent is refundable with rest of the lease term, if the lease is terminated before expiration.



Monthly payment (Wolse)

This is deposit with monthly payment. Deposit is diffrent from 10~20 times the monthly payment. Deposit is returned upon the termination of lease. Deposit will not be returned prior to termination of lease. Lessee is responsible for maintenance and utilities.



Key money deposit (Jeonse)

Lessee has to deposit the key money about 60%~70% of housing price. The key money will be returned upon expiration of lease. Lessee is responsible for maintenance and utilities. The key money deposit will not be returned before termination of the lease unless other lessee replace your lease term









Apartment is higher than 5 story building and these days reaches over 30 stories. It is usually smaller than house and villa, has 1~4 bedrooms and 1~2 bathrooms. Most apartments have convenient parking space, are close to market place. Usually 24 hours security service is provided






Villa is like townhouse in other countries. It is lower than 5 stories and includes about 10 units per building. Most villas are furnished and have a shared garden space, basic appliances such as refrigerator, washer, dryer, air conditioner, gas oven. It has 2~5 bedrooms and 1~2 bathrooms.






Free standing house is usually large, quiet and has a big garden.
It has 3~6 bedrooms and 2~3 bathrooms. It is a little expensive, if the lessee is responsible for maintenance. But maintenance cost of newly bult house is not.

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